Friday, August 1, 2014

Trapped At The Altar by Jane Feather

I picked up Trapped At The Altar on a whim. I was out. I had finished the book I had with me and it was going to be several hours before I returned home. My options at the drug store were slim. Trapped At The Altar was my best choice. Despite the horrible name, I really enjoyed Trapped At The Altar.

Ari has been living happily in her family’s home. Ari has been able to determine what she wants to do and where she goes. Ivor was sold to her family to help improve family relations between his family and hers. Ari and Ivor have long been betrothed. But now that they are of age, Ari finds she loves someone else. Someone her family would not approve of. Ari tries to fight the betrothal but they are married anyway. Ari feels trapped in a loveless marriage and longs to be reunited with her love.

Ivor was sold to Ari’s family when he was a child. He’s grown up with Ari and understood their place in the world. Ivor is happy to marry Ari and believes they will grow to love each other. This marriage is the only one for Ivor. He understands what he and Ari need to do. He knows their union will help both their families regain some of what they lost.

Trapped At The Altar was set in the 1600’s in England. Not a time period I’ve read a lot about. I appreciated the details that Feather gave about the discord between the Catholics and the Protestants. I also liked the other details Feather included about daily life. I found it easy to get lost in Trapped At The Altar and enjoyed every minute. Others who shared their thoughts on Trapped At The Altar: Buried In Romance, Book Binge, Love In The Margins, and Tales To Tide You Over.

This was my fifth read for the Romance Reading Challenge.

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