Monday, February 9, 2015

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I added The Color Purple to my library hold list probably five or six times. I've been meaning to read it for ages. Finally, I read it. And it was amazing. I'm glad I read it and I look forward to reading more by Walker.

I honestly didn't know much about The Color Purple going in. I've never seen the movie. So here's a little about it: Celie is a young black woman in the 30's. She's raising her brothers and sisters, while her father beats and rapes her. While trying to protect her sister from a similar fate, she marries a man who also beats and rapes while she cares for his kids. But Walker doesn't flinch from the difficulties in Celie's life. The Color Purple is very honest. Walker shows that not only Celie gets this kind of treatment but so does Sofia or at least her husband tries to beat Sofia. Celie and Sofia were very matter of fact this is my life what more is there. While Celie and Sofia (more Sofia) knew it wasn't right, they knew little would change. Sofia had a lot of fight in her and found it impossible to stay down while others beat her.

While it sounds depressing, it was a beautiful story. A story of family, love, relationships, and faith. It's told in letters written by Celie so it takes some getting used to but still a wonderfully told story. Others who shared their thoughts on The Color Purple: Book Drum, The Blue Bookcase, and Literary Corner Cafe.
This satisfies the color category for The What's In A Name Challenge.

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  1. I listened to this one a few years ago and loved it, too.


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