Friday, February 6, 2015

January 2015 Goals Update

How did I do in January on my goals?

1. Make one meatless meal for dinner a week. We ate Bacon-Cheddar Cauliflower Chowder and Spinach Frittata. One week didn't happen. So far everyone's ok with eating meatless once a week. And bacon so doesn't count.

2. Continue working on my fitness and lose another 30 lbs.  I went to the gym 12 times in January and once to yoga. Yoga is my new favorite thing. I didn't think I would like hot yoga but I do. It's pretty relaxing. No new weight lost but glad I'm maintaining what I've already lost.

3. Go back to meal planning. I'm doing it. It's working!

4. Schedule one do nothing, stay home weekend a month. I added this goal more for the summer and holiday time but the end of January got a little busy. We stayed home and did nothing 2 weekends out of the month.

5. Plan one trip with Tai this year. Haven't even thought about this one.

6. Get a will and other necessary estate planning documents. Haven't even thought about this.

7. Clean and declutter one room a month. I decided to start easy and do our downstairs hall closet. Here's the before shots:
Total chaos. I kept trying to make things neat but there was no organization. Plus tons of wasted space.
Here's the after:
 So much better and an empty shelf and a half (which are still empty). It feels so much better. And I can see what we have now. 

8. Do one things for myself a month. I went to the spa for my birthday. I can't wait for my next spa visit!

9. Watch one older (pre-2014) movie a month. Fail. I watched Ride Along and The Grand Budapest Hotel but those are both from 2014. Sigh.

10. Learn to make 5 Japanese dishes. I made chashu. I still want to make ramen but I need the time to make the broth from scratch.

11. Stop complaining and start sharing my gratitude. So hard. Especially at work. I bitch all day long. I do find that yoga is helping me quiet my mind so maybe it'll help with the complaining.

12. Take 2 cooking classes. Ashley had a couple she wan interested in but they sold out before we could sign up. We'll keep trying.

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  1. Going to the gym and actually working out is half the battle. You are on your way! :) Also meal planning is so much fun once you get used to it. And as always #8 is so very important no matter what.


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