Friday, November 6, 2015

October Goals Update

How did I do this month on my goals?

1. Make one meatless meal for dinner a week. Not happen right now. Tai's cut wheat and dairy from his diet. I don't feel like trying to figure out dairy free meatless meals right now.

2. Continue working on my fitness and lose another 30 lbs. Still loving my kettlebells and biking. No movement on the scale but my clothes are fitting better.

3. Go back to meal planning. This has been happening.

4. Schedule one do nothing, stay home weekend a month. I don't think I got a full stay home weekend but I did get a couple of days to stay home.

5. Plan one trip with Tai this year. We went to Westport for a long weekend. It was lovely and we can't wait for next year to go back. We also want to stay there longer.

6. Get a will and other necessary estate planning documents. Haven't even thought about this. This will probably wait for next year.

7. Clean and declutter one room a month. I'm going to start ramping up on the cleaning and decluttering.

8. Do one things for myself a month. Got a pedicure.

9. Watch one older (pre-2014) movie a month. Watched Big Trouble In Little China. Good movie.

10. Learn to make 5 Japanese dishes.  Haven't thought about what I want to make.

11. Stop complaining and start sharing my gratitude. I've been a lot better about this.

12. Take 2 cooking classes. The tamale class was good. I would take more classes from that site.


  1. Great goals! I am working out too and enjoy it. - I haven't lost weight yet though.

  2. If you want to feel like you are making progress on the will, you might call a local funeral service. Sounds grim, I know, but the one I dealt with for my dad gave out an extra set of documents for yourself, so that you would have things ready for your heirs. Then you'd have more of a list of exactly what you need, and could break it into small chunks.

    I'm really impressed with your goal list and the progress on it.


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