Sunday, March 23, 2008

Again with the underwear

My post on bridal undergarments was popular. I had my highest number of visitors that day. Since sex sells, I'm going to do it again. I also found some pretty funny things. I have to share!
I found this here. Made me giggle!
Here's one for the guys:Found at the same place as above.
Again from the same place. So inappropriate but I love it!
Not underwear but I still like it. At the beginning Tai wanted to have a prison themed wedding. One of his groomsmen is a corrections officer. He wanted to have him wear his uniform and all the other groomsmen to wear those orange jumpsuits. I quickly vetoed that idea :)
I really like this one too. I like that silhouette of the sexy girl. I think that Tai would like it too.
Want to keep some money on you at the wedding? Don't want to carry a purse? How about these:Kind of scary to me. Even if you weren't wearing it under a dress, how in the hell is this useful? It states on the website that you can wear them as swim bottoms. WTF?
I might do this again since it's kind of easy and I like sharing the strange wacky things I find.


  1. LOL!!!! The last pair are soooooo bad!! I'm with you - swimtrunks/bikini bottoms???? Really???


  2. I can't find that t-shirt!


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