Wednesday, March 12, 2008

All About the Shoes!

So now that I've figured out what I'm wearing, I can turn my attention to Tai. He keeps saying he'll wear whatever I tell him but I know that's not the truth.
We decided on the suits, but one of the groomsmen asked about the shoes. Tai said black and I said no. But I don't have a good answer. I've been searching for fun shoes for guys. Let me tell you that doesn't really exist. But here's what I found.Timberland Block Islands from Nordstroms. I like how casual these are but I hate that white trim on the bottom. Yuck!Tommy Bahama Vallerta loafers from Nordstroms. I like these. They look like slippers! But I'm not sure how they would look with a chocolate brown suit. Maybe too brown? Is that possible?

Converse Jack Purcell Classics from Nordstroms. I'm totally digging these but Chucks are so much more my thing that Tai's. I don't even think he owns a pair. Plus Tai has incredibly flat feet. His feet will kill him by the end of the day in Chucks.
So I don't know. Can you girls give me some suggestions? He prefers slip on shoes to tie shoes. Something with good support would be best. I looked at those Cole Haan Nike shoes and didn't anything special.


  1. Have you looked at Skechers? I heart Skechers. Rand has a black pair that he wears all the time.

  2. Clarks has a great pair of loafers that look more hip than bro.


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