Saturday, March 1, 2008

How I Became A Two Dress Bride

When I started reading the knot, I saw lots girls who had more than one dress. I thought it was odd. If you have one dress why would you get another dress? Once you've got the dress. Stop looking.
Ha! That's before I got consumed by the wedding brain! So as you know I decided I wanted something more bridal. So I kept looking for something else. I kind of thought it might be a lost cause. But then I found it. My dress!I apologize for these blurry photos. These are the best I've got right now. The dress fits. It's ivory. It's got beading on the top which you can't really see in these pictures.
There is a train which is longer than I would like. I can get that chopped off. It's also slightly too short, but the previous owner didn't cut the hem. I just have to have it let out.
So yes I'm a two dress bride now. Ashley thought I should get rid of the first dress. But I'm going to see about getting it altered. Perhaps shortened.
I'm so relieved that I have my dress. That something I can officially check off my list!

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