Sunday, March 30, 2008

A little something for my guests

Despite the fact, I dislike so much of the wedding related crap, I do like bathroom baskets. I love to see them at nice clubs or classy hotels. I think they are nice especially because people tend to forget things.
Stolen from knottie terriandmike. You can buy all this stuff from the dollar store or on sale from Target or Walmart. I have a basket that we could use.
I'll probably leave out the gum and mints since we plan to have mints at the wedding. But mouthwash, advil, contact solution and hand sanitizer are all things I think people will need. I guess I need to get cracking and start looking for these things! Any things I missed?


  1. Don't forget some bandaids! I can't even count how many wedding I've been to where either me or my GFs have fallen victim to the evil horrors of cute shoes!

  2. i second bandaids. also a nail file. and a spare pair of nylons or clear nail polish to stop runs. :) and some chap stick tubes! maybe some neosporin.

  3. ohhh good idea! i totally forgot all about this easy DIY project!

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