Thursday, March 6, 2008

Don't Make Me Do It!

So I'm watching The Wedding Planner while eating my nutritious meal of mac & cheese. Kris mentioned this movie the other day. I had to watch it again. Since I own it, it wasn't too hard.
I started thinking about hiring a wedding planner. In the movie, Mary plans Fran's entire wedding. The Wedding Planner does get ideas from the bride, but it's the wedding planner that runs the show. Obviously there are level of service that you can hire-from complete planning to day of coordination. But I wouldn't want someone to plan my wedding for me. But I could handle letting someone else do something for me. If I could have I would pay some to decide on my flowers for me. In fact I kind of did. I told the florist what I wanted and when I couldn't have it, I asked him to make suggestions and I would go with one of those.
So if you could hire someone else to do something (from start to finish-plan, coordinate, and execute) what would it be?


  1. Hmmm.... that's a hard one. But I'd have to say the flowers or the centerpieces! Although, it is fun to come up with the ideas, and I like to kind of be "in control", so it'd be hard.
    We hired a day-of coordinator to help us "run" the day, set up and tear down - but I'm choosing the vendors, coming up the the "design", etc.

  2. Can I go with some one to deal with my FMI ? oh brother! ;)
    If not than I am going with financial planner lol.
    I really enjoy putting things & ideas together! I think some people and money have been the only really hard part about the planning for me.


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