Sunday, March 16, 2008


I'm so sick of looking at ties! I can't seem to find a tie that I like, that fits the bill for what I'm looking for!
I know I talked about ties months ago. But those aren't going to work. Since our accent color is green now (so our colors are brown, ivory, champagne, and green) I'd like to bring that in with the ties.
Tai says that all green:Looks like a leprechaun. I think it looks like prom.
I like stripped ties, but Tai doesn't so we have to find non stripped ties. So here's what I found so far.

From ebay. I think this tie is too busy. Although it is interesting. The seller states that the background is bronze but it looks brown to me in this picture.
From the Men's Wearhouse. Kind of boring. But has most of our colors in it. A good possiblity.
Ok, I've searched Macy's, Brooks Brothers, Nordstroms, Kohls, Saks, JCrew, Banana Republic, JCPenney's and found these 2 ties! Where haven't I looked that you think you have what I'm looking for?


  1. Wow girl! You hit them all!

    Take a look at these:

    Good Luck!

  2. Check out Also check out Ebay sellers leixinyi001, modern-china and jcmould.

  3. My fav tie seller, and the one we used for our wedding was ebay seller jcmould. Check them out! We got 7 silk ties (brown & pink) for under $100 with shipping from China!

  4. Andy's 6'5" and one of our groomsmen is 6'4". There is no such thing as a cool, affordable tall tie. Apparently, all B&T men like to dress like Mr. Huxtable. I feel your tie pain.


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