Monday, March 17, 2008


I don't wear a lot of lipstick. In fact I almost never wear lipstick. I wear chapstick. That usually covers me most of the time. I don't like lipstick because it wears off quickly. And I hate the ring it leaves around my mouth. Occasionally I wear lip gloss. My favorite Dior gloss is too sticky. Tai hates it. He doesn't like the sticky. So I need to find wedding day lipstick. Something that will fade away rather than leave any remnant behind. I'm looking for long wear lipstick.
Here are some shades I like from Clinique:
In Creamy Nude.In Honeynut.
In Honey Gloss which I think I used to wear when I was 16. I can't use Clinique. I remember wearing it in high school. That silver case reminds me of old ladies. Don't ask.
From the Sephora brand we have:Golden Rose Shimmer from their Maniac Long Wear line. For $12 might be worth a try.
From Stila, we have:Darling.
Serenade. Both are from their long wear lip color line. It say that it's like wearing lipstick and gloss all in one. Maybe, but for $18 I would rather be convinced.
I used to have LORAC's sheer wash in Sheer Emotion. It was what I liked to wear when I went out. But it's kind of a pain to apply. It cannot be applied on the fly and it's pretty matte so it needs to be followed up by a gloss. A little more than I think I can handle on my wedding day.
So ladies, what long wearing lipstick do you like? Any that I should try? I'm a pretty low maintenance gal so lip pencils, lipsticks and gloss will leave me saying forget about it. Also I kind of noticed that except for the LORAC all the colors are kind of the same so I think I'm looking for a peachy color.


  1. I'm no help. I never wear lipstick...I suppose I'll be searching for a nice gloss that isn't sticky. (I kind of like Lancome's Juicy Tubes, but they're a little sticky...)

  2. I love Benefit's lipstick. It is really moisturizing and I like the colors.

  3. I got a free trial of Laura Gellar's Lip Stay (from Sephora) in the color "Pout". It's one of those where you put on the base coat and then put on the top coat. But this one didn't dry out my lips AS BADLY as some of the others. Plus, it does kind of "fade away" - albeit slowly. "Pout" may be a little on the dark side for you, maybe you could put it on lightly.... but it's a pretty good long wear lipstick.
    Also, MAC has some awesome colors! And I love their lipstick - but it's like regular lipstick, it wears off. But they have soooo many colors, it's amazing!

  4. I use Stila in "exquisite" all the time. I love it! It's not drying, and it LASTS...a long time, even through meals. Plus it smells good... And at $18 it's expensive, but cheaper than say Lancome lipstick...


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