Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dessert Anyone?

We've booked all of our vendors and now we have all those little things to do. One thing we still have not decided on is dessert. We decided a long time ago that we didn't want cake. We considered cupcakes for a long time.
But we didn't feel like this was "us". Neither of us are all that fond of cupcakes and we felt that we were being led by a trend. Originally pie had been my idea. I like pie. And nothing says summer to me like a good blueberry, cherry, or strawberry pie. When I mentioned pie to an acquaintance she balked at the idea and I thought maybe people would be disappointed by pie. But I like pie and it's my wedding.
But Tai's idea is cheesecake.What an odd thing for someone who is lactose intolerant to want? But Tai likes cheesecake and he thinks it would be something that people would enjoy. He of course will not be eating the cheesecake.
I think we'll have a few cheesecakes and a few pies. Plus my favorite brownies from Dancing Deer. And some fruit for those who don't like brownies, pies, or cheesecakes. Or those like my dad who are diabetic.
Our idea is to put the desserts on cake stands. So I've got to start looking for those.


  1. awesome idea to do non-trad desserts. I never think wedding cake tastes very good anyway.

    We did do cupcakes, but we love cupcakes, and they had Halloween decorations on them.

  2. I am all about the non-traditional desserts too! But Andy and I love chocolate cake, so we had to have one. Then I developed an affliction for cake designs, so we're going with a cake. But, we are still having a sweet table.

    I think that a bunch of pies would be FAB! You can always serve them with ice cream or have a sundae bar with some brownies for people who want something more traditional.

    There was in a wedding in MS Weddings a few years ago at which a professional cake baker served miniature pies in lieu of cake at her wedding. It was really cute, actually.


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