Saturday, March 29, 2008


usingI use Bon Ami to clean the bathtub the other day. I hate cleaning the bathtub so cleaning happens infrequently (gross I know). Sprinkle it on, scrub with a wet cloth and done! My tub was sparkling afterwards. It doesn't smell all that great but there's no after smell. Once you rinse it away it's gone.

I get Mary's newsletter in my inbox everyday. She always has tons of tips for saving money. Some apply some don't. But her daily email is free and she has a blog now. I recommend signing up for it. It's completely free and she doesn't sell her list to others.

looking for

Yeah, I've been talking about undergarments a lot lately. I'm looking for a bra like this one from Fredricks but in my size (44D). I have a couple of low cut shirts that are too low for any bra I have. Any ideas?

readingI saw this on the library shelf the other day. I love Jodi's books so I eagerly picked up. Not disappointed so far. I just saw on her webpage that she wrote a book about Wonder Woman. I'm headed to the library right now to check it out!

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  1. I know for certain Nordstrom and Victorias Secret carries this bra! GL!


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