Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whatcha wearing under there?

Ever since I first saw a bride wearing these panties:Stolen from knottie faBriezy.
I knew I wanted a pair. (Ok this really isn't the picture I wanted, but I spent an hour looking and this is as close as I got.)
It's silly. I don't really need something blue. I already have my bracelet and my shoes. But I do want customized underwear. Sadly I can't really find a lot of blue underwear so it's probably ok that I don't need it for my something blue. But I thought I'd show you what I found.I found these here. I wish there was a matching one that said got wife :)
How about these found here.I love these found here. These are completely customizable. I think I would put forever Tai's.
How about making sure your guy knows that your his? In case the wedding ring isn't enough of a clue or reminder you can go here to purchase these.I like the ones that say the Mrs. I want tshirts that say the Mr and the Mrs. I think those are cute. Check out this site to find these panties.I like these as well. I want to get a tshirt that says the same thing. I plan to wear it the week before the wedding to remind people who's boss.
And in my searches I found this here:What the hell? Brides are always discussing when to take off their veil. After the ceremony? Before the reception? If anyone is going to wear it after the wedding for the night of, they are keeping it to themselves. I'm a little confused why you'd want to wear this or what you would do with it. Perhaps Tai can explain it to me. By the way, this website does have lots of sexy costumes in case you are looking for those.
I hope you enjoyed looking at some sexy lingerie. I might be looking for some more. I'm not sure I found what I really want.

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