Thursday, September 25, 2008

I need a new camera

Sadly my camera died in Houston. This is the second camera to die. I toss the camera in my purse and a few days later the screen doesn't work. Since I don't spend too much on them I toss them and start over.
I used Tai's phone for most of the pictures we took in Houston but that's not going to cut it. I gotta get a new camera.

I like basic point and shoots. I'm not a photographer. I mostly take pictures to show you all. Any good recommendations? I've had Kodaks and HPs in the past and they seemed to take good shots.


  1. I need a new camera too! Mine still works, it's just the quality is not all that.
    My future sister-in-law has a nice Olympus that is actually waterproof, which is kind of cool! Between that one and the one up here at work, it seems that Olympus cameras take pretty good pics.

  2. I have a little Canon point-and-shoot that I like quite a's a Digital Elph, um, some number that I don't remember. List price is kind of expensive, but I know we got a *very* good deal from Amazon.

  3. I also love the Elph. Mine is the 650; I've had it 2 years and its literally in my purse every day. The screen is a little smudged now, but I do keep it in a small bag inside my purse. I got mine at Best Buy and they honored their online price instore. My sister got the 1000, and its pretty and slim.


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