Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Is So Going To Pwn Your Ass

The continuing story of Ike...
After we left Tom and Anne, I tried to go to sleep. It was about 1am and the storm was going to get worse til 3am. But Tai was to amped up to sleep. I drifted off while he tried to read by candle light.
Around 3 am I was awoken by a heavy rain hitting our window. I saw Tai putting on his shirt and shoes.
Me: Where are you going?
Tai: Out for a smoke.
Me: Uh, there is a hurricane out there babe. Don't go. Smoke in here.
Tai: No I'll be right outside. It'll be fine.
Me: Sweetie, Ike is so going to pwn your ass it's not even funny.
Tai: No one is going to pwn me. I'll be fine.
Me: Alrighty then.
Tai was gone about a minute and a half before he ran back inside, drenched. Epic fail. It had been too windy to smoke outside so Tai moved down the hall to find some place more sheltered. He was fine til he heard this demonic laugh (presumably the wind rushing down the hall). That chased him back in to the room.
Moral of the story: Don't smoke outside in a hurricane.

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