Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Aquarium

On Thursday we needed to find something to do in Houston. Sitting in our hotel room was not cutting it. I knew there was an aquarium in Houston but wasn't sure if it was open. But since Ike had left a lot of people with little to do and the aquarium had lost a little bit of business due to Ike, they were offering a special-$5 for the whole Aquarium experience.
So we headed to the Aquarium to check it out:Unfortunately the aquarium was a little smaller than I had hoped so it didn't take up all day.
They did have these nice alligator skulls right as we came in. Most of the aquarium is devoted to Texas marine life and critters that call the Houston bayous home.
One of the coolest features was the shark tank. You board a small train that takes you though the tank so you can see the sharks as if you were underwater. I knew Tai would love this since he really likes sharks. There was also a giant Ferris wheel where were took this picture (and the first one).
We also had lunch at the Aquarium restaurant. I have to say that if you do check out the Aquarium, check out the restaurant. The portions were huge and the service was excellent.
The Aquarium was definitely worth the $5 visit!


  1. Do you know what the skulls were in the first picture?

  2. Nice that you and Tai got out for some fun after all that!


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