Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Searching for BBQ in Houston

Tai had never been to Houston but he knows Texas is known for their BBQ. I didn't know where there was a good Texas BBQ places in Houston. I had been to Pappas BBQ before but not impressed. We asked a multiple of people along the way about good BBQ in the area we were staying in. Finding any BBQ was further complicated by the hurricane. Tom had suggested Brown Sugar's across the freeway from us.Brown Sugar's was open just after the storm. Tai ordered the meat platter with beef ribs, beef brisket, sausage, and chicken. The sauce wasn't that great. Tai thought it tasted like the beginning of chili. The meat was pretty good though. I liked it. But Tai wouldn't rush back for it either.


  1. I am learning that I was horribly spoiled growing up.

    I thought that everyones parents regulary smoked racks of ribs and briskets and had them during the summer.

  2. Are you guys still in Houston or back in Seattle?

    Texas BBQ is usually too spicy for me. I love Memphis BBQ, which is more sweet than spicy. I just learned that North Carolina BBQ is vinegar-based, and it is absolutely disgusting. (Dave likes it, but you know, he puts malt vinegar on his french fries. Clearly his taste can't be trusted.)

  3. OOooh, the sauce can totally kill it!! I'm not a fan of the overly sweet sauce. I like mine more vinegar-y with a kick.
    Usually the best barbeque joints are kind of hole-in-the-wall places you normally be a little apprehensive to go into! ;-)

    I'm glad you two are okay!


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