Friday, November 7, 2008

I <3 Forever 21

I really do love Forever 21. I can't fit into any of their clothes, but I love their accessories. It's the prefect place to go and find the latest thing without blowing a lot of money. Marta and I recently went to the Forever 21 near us and found a plethora of wonderful accessories:

Forver 21 jewlery by honeylin
None of these pieces is over $10. I love buying one or two cute things and using them for a season or two. The right necklace or bracelet can enliven last season's sweater. It really helps me change up my wardrobe for cheap!


  1. The lead earrings are really cool. Too bad I don't have pierced ears anymore.

  2. I like that store. I love that you can get trendy stuff for cheap - that way when it goes out of style, you don't feel bad for donating it away.

    And you've been TAGGED with the UBER AMAZING BLOG AWARD!!
    You can check out the details at my blog!! ;-)


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