Saturday, November 8, 2008



Muffin Tin by honeylin
My last muffin pan died last weekend. I thought silicone would be pretty durable. Sadly no. Perhaps I bought cheap silcone and might have more luck with another brand. Or is time to move back to metal?

Tai loves mac & cheese despite his lactose intolerance. We gave this one a try and I really like it. It's whole wheat pasta so I feel a little better about it. But it's very creamy. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to make a whole lot. It probably makes enough for 2 reasonable people!

I've been wanting to buy cute rain boots forever! I could never find a pair in my size until this week. I bought these adorable rain boots at Nordstrom Rack! $25! What a deal.


  1. I still need to a find a really good mac and cheese recipe for Lent. Being married to a catholic is a challenge, I only know like three meat less recipes.

  2. Those are adorable! Usually I make fun of people who wear wellies but I'll make an exception as these are pink ;)


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