Thursday, November 27, 2008


When I was a kid, Mom would want us to say everything we were thankful for before we ate dinner. This was my least favorite part about Thanksgiving. I would plead to get out of it, but Mom held her ground. So I would always say something lame like I'm thankful the Cowboys are losing or attempt to go first to use the perennial favorite I'm thankful for our health.
But I'm learning the merits of expressing gratitude. So here is what I am thankful for this year in no particular order.

Tai, my beloved husband. I'm so thankful that I have him in my life. He calms me, makes me laugh, and supports me through everything. I'd be lost without him.

My dad. He was a trooper through the wedding. Despite the loss of my mother he tried to make our Houston trip as painless as possible. He's a tremendous source of inspiration to me.

My brother. I'd been estranged from my brother for several years before my wedding. I sent an invite to him on lark hoping that he hadn't moved. He did but the invite got forwarded. He sent us a gift and started talking to me and Dad again. Tai got to meet him when we were in Houston. I'm so glad to have my big brother back!

My friends. The awesomest ladies in the world. I'm so grateful to have found friends that I can rely on. I really needed them through the wedding and then when Mom passed. I didn't need to test their friendship, but it certainly held up!

This blog and those I've met through it. I never thought I would make friends and be inspired by total strangers. Thank you for making me keep coming back for more.

Have a great day everyone. Enjoy the food, family and friendship!


  1. I warned That Husband that we might have to do the thankful thing around the table with the other couples we are meeting up with. Apparently they don't do anything like that in Poland :)

  2. Hey. Being thankful that the Cowboys are losing doesn't count. It can only count if you're thankful that they are winning!!! ;-)

    Okay, okay..... I guess not everyone has to love the Cowboys. ;-)


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