Monday, December 1, 2008


Lately, I've been feeling like decorating (not just for the holidays) and cleaning our little home. Probably part of settling into being married and the weather. I've been slowly cleaning up the clutter and trying to get rid of the excess. What's left, I've been trying to make look nice.
I've had this painting for over year and I just put it up the other day. I was hemming and hawing about where to put it but I decided that the bedroom was fine. I can always move it later if need be. I have 2 other walls in the bedroom that need something too. I'll be keeping my eye out for something for over the bed and the wall opposite. I'm no good at finding things and I probably need Tai to help me. Unfortunately he doesn't have a lot interest in the little things. But I want things to look nice and homey.
We have a pile of boxes and other "homeless" crap that I'd love to get rid of so I can put another bookshelf up. But I'm slowly running out of room since there's only so much space and my intent is to declutter not clutter. I want to get some stuff put away so I can pull out the holiday decorations and not make it look worse!


  1. I know about the whole wanting to get rid of clutter. I live with a saver he just keeps things for no good reason, but every couple months or so I'll just decide it's time to start pitching stuff or organizing it.

  2. Ugh. Decluttering sucks!!! Especially when your new husband doesn't want to toss anything!!! I think I'm going to have a field day when he's out of town on business the next couple of weeks! ;-)


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