Friday, December 5, 2008

Tastes Better Than It Looks

The other day, Tai asked me to make beef stroganoff. I've never made or had beef stroganoff before so I had to do some research and find a suitable recipe. So I found this pretty basic recipe and made this:
It's not a lot too look at. Kind of a giant white blob but it was yummy. Tai loves mushrooms so he definitely liked this dish. And yes I made it with real sour cream. Tai's been taking some acidophilus pills that have really helped his lactose intolerance. I made those yummy brussel sprouts again. They are a hit!


  1. Mm I love Beef Stroganoff. I've been meaning to take a crack at it for a while now so I may have to try that recipe.

    I have the theory that they food that looks the worst actually is the richest tastiest thing ever.

  2. i LOVE beef stroganoff and brussel sprouts! however, i haven't had the two together - looks yummy!!!

  3. Well, I have to admit, I am not a beef stroganoff lover. I've tried it, a few times actually, and have never liked it. Also, don't like chicken alfredo. I don't like the cream sauces, and I don't like mushrooms.
    But I'm sure yours tasted yummy!

    As for the brussel sprouts, I will give those a try. Have not been a huge fan in the past, but it could have been how they were cooked!

  4. I have an amazing, super-easy beef stroganoff recipe from my mom that we love in our house (even Catie eats it!). It looks nothing like yours, though. But you know, I'm realizing from most of your food posts that we have pretty divergent food preferences (i.e., brussel sprouts make me gag), so I have no idea if you'd like my version of it or not.


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