Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gift Ideas Under $30

Every year we have a gift exchange with some of our friends. It's like a white elephant, but most of the gifts are gifts you'd want. We have to start looking for what we are going to give this year. I'd like to keep it with a ecological twist. I plan to use recyclable bags as the wrapping. I know these Sigg bottles are the rage. So this is a maybe. I like this design. Very cool.Or how about this statuette. She's hand carved by teens in Hanoi to keep them off the streets. I like her cool meditative pose.
Or how about an LED flashlight? At work we keep talking about emergency preparedness. It's always good to have a couple of flashlights around in case of a power outage.
Or a sushi kit? We have a couple of people who have multiple food allergies. It makes it difficult for them to get out to restaurants where they can eat safely.
Whatever we wind up getting we're going to make sure we get something we want too. Just in case ;)


  1. I like the sushi kit!! Very cool - and not something you'd necessarily buy for yourself.
    But they're all great ideas!

    By the way - you've been TAGGED!!

  2. I got a sushi kit as a gift, and it was one of the things that we gave to the Salvation Army before we moved. We never once opened or used it. It's a cool idea, it was just that the idea of making sushi ourselves always seemed way too labor-intensive. And we're lazy, so... eh. I vote for the flashlight, personally. Sounds like something that'd be pretty handy to have around.


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