Saturday, December 6, 2008


As an early holiday gift Tai bought me this heated mattress pad. I tend to get cold and I like to have the heat on but Tai likes it to be a little cold at night. This mattress pad has dual controls so I can be warm and Tai can stay chilly.

I'm not a fan of white wine. I prefer red so I never white on hand when I'm making a dish. So I found these as a perfect solution. I don't have to waste an entire bottle on a 1/4 of cup.


We watched this last night. One of the best graphic novel movies I've ever seen. It felt like a comic book. We were able to rent in blu-ray since we now have a PS3. Such a gorgeous picture! I want to be Angelia Jolie. She's superbad ass in this movie.

wantingI saw these in the LL Bean catalog. I definitely think they'd come in handy during the icy season. Might help me not fall. Anyone have these?


  1. I have always wondered how to best get smaller amounts of wine for cooking; you're brilliant! Of course, now it seems so bloody obvious...

  2. That mattress pad looks perfect! We could definitely use that. I also like the mini wine bottle idea for cooking.

  3. Heated matress you make me want one!!

  4. That is sooo weird! last night (before I read this) I was making some risotto and I needed white wine. I didn't want to open any of the bottles we had handy (since they are yummy and meant to be enjoyed) I went and bought a few of the small bottles! Genius I tell you! Great minds, Linda...great minds.

  5. Wanted was an awesome film and I agree Angelina was totally awesome. She needs to be in more action flicks these days.

    I'm also about to have a wedding shower ever since my fiance recently proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from so I will hint my BFF to buy me the heated mattress pad.

    It looks so comfy to sleep on!

  6. I've always wanted to be as bad-ass as Angelina too! I have been wanting to see that movie, but just haven't yet.

    They sell shoe things like that at Target for, like, $5 or $10. Chris just got some to take with him to Montreal (where he is for the next 2 weeks!). I don't know that they are as good as the ones from LL Bean, but they'd be cheap enough to at least try, and if they didn't work you wouldn't feel so bad. We found them in the men's department, close to where the seasonal display of hats and gloves and slippers were.


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