Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plus size wedding dresses

As we learned the other day, brides still find my blog. I'm not really in wedding mode anymore. Honestly I'm so glad mine is all over. But wedding things still catch my eye. Like this wedding dress designer for plus sized girls.
Photos found here. Definitely very flattering. Especially the top left one. And I don't like sleeves on dresses. I wish I would have seen this when I planning my wedding. It's nice to have another option.


  1. Yeah, like those invitations I saw at Target!! There are so many things I see that I'm like "Oh, that would have been nice to see/use/know about when I was planning our wedding!" - oh well. I just have to let it go.
    I like the dress on the top right - I like the layers!

  2. Oh I cant wait 'till my wedding planning is over, its driving me nuts!!! I love wedding but the planning of my own its stressfull!!! So whenever you see something that you think it would've been nice if you saw it before let me know pliz, maybe you can make my life easier... lol!
    I really liked the bottom right dress, it looks great and flatteing.


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