Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Puffy Heart Free Stuff

Last month Erin mentioned President Brie Log. I'd never seen it before so I commented that I would like to try it. So last week, someone in their PR department contacted me about send me a brie log for free. I love free stuff so I said sign me up.
Here's what arrived:
I was really surprised to find this bag full of goodies!

Aside from the cheese:
There was this Mango Chutney.And Carr's Crackers to go with it all!
I'm quite pleased with the brie log. It's just like the regular brie but in a more convenient shape. I have not tried the chutney, so I will report back when I do.
As you can see, I don't accept advertising on my blog. I think of you guys as my friends so I wouldn't accept money to tell you how much I like something. Now, if I get more free goodies, I'll definitely let you guys know and let you know how I liked them.


  1. OMG. i saw this brie log at the store last week. the worker there was like "What the heck is this?" ... lol. Try the brie with rasberries and brown sugar, and put in oven til brie is slightly melted... LAWDY, its delicious!

  2. We had some Brie last night. Quite tasty little cheese.

    It'd mix really well with a sweet fruit I think, if I'd just get around to doing something with it.

  3. You have to let us know how you like it. I am a cheese lover, but never tried brie before. I bet it's good!

  4. Ha, those Carr's crackers are made in Carlisle, England - Dave's hometown. My brother-in-law used to work at the Carr's factory, boxing them up.

    One of my neighbors made this baked brie that was un-freaking-believable: she took a block of brie, wrapped it in some Pillsbury dough (either biscuits or crescent rolls, whatever you prefer; just unroll the dough and wrap it around the brie). Bake at 350 or so until the dough is golden and the cheese is melty. After you take it out, dump a jar of raspberry preserves on top. The biscuit dough ends up sort of like a serving bowl, then we spread the brie and jam on crackers. It was fantastic.

    Seriously, I'm not a huge brie fan, and I don't much like raspberry either, but something about two flavors together was absolutely amazing.

  5. Yum!!! I've never seen it in a log shape - that's kinda cool. And definitely try a pastry, raspberry combo. One of my husband's cousins makes it all the time and it's amazing!

  6. It's been a while since I've had brie... I may have to try it again. And it's definitely in a convienent shape for parties and the like!!!

  7. Probably the most famous person was Burt Reynolds! When he had that show in the '80's "Evening Shade", the little kid on the show lived down the street from me.

    I've also met Angie Harmon, Michael Irvin, Rapheal Palmeiro, Laura Bush (the first lady), and Terry Bradshaw. Mostly through work (I work with Interior Designers and sell outrageously priced carpeting and rugs!).


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