Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do More With Stuff You Already Have

I'm a big fan of using things I have in the house for more than their original purpose. I thought I'd share some of things I use and find some ideas I didn't know about.

Salt-As you know, I'm a huge fan of salt. I use sea salt to scrub my cast iron pans clean. I mix enough salt to cover the bottom of the pan and dishwashing liquid and scub with a towel. Works really well on getting stuck on food off. But did you know you can kill poison ivy with it? Or clean your bathroom with it?

Sugar-I don't buy expensive bath scrubs. I take a handful of sugar and mix it with my body wash. It works just as well as the stuff over the counter. I can even use it on my face (mixed with cetaphil instead of body wash). Did you know you can start a fire with sugar?

Coffee filters-I often use these as serving bowls for popcorn and Tai uses them to clean his glasses. But what about using them to absorb odors?

Listerine-We have half a bottle of this stuff cause I can't stand it. It burns and makes my eyes water. I prefer Act. But now I can use it as deodorant?

Ziploc bags-I love Ziploc or Glad bags, all the same to me. My friend Jen taught me to make cookies in them. She adds all the ingredients and then mixes it in the bag. The resulting dough can be shaped into a log for easy cutting. She's so smart. But how about using them to make sure your packages arrive intact?

So what about you? What are those everyday items that you use for their non-intended purpose?


  1. Salt could kill a lot of things just like vinegar, as it alters the pH of some little nasties.

    Though I used Baking soda for toothpaste since discovering that the SLS in every available toothpaste encourages my canker sores.

    Since I switched I haven't gotten a single one even with the wedding stress.

  2. Great tips! I am going to us the body scrub idea this weekend!

  3. Did you know that dark brown sugar is great for decreasing blackheads? Also, lemon can work as an astringent and face whitener... lol. my mom has discovered the internet and now makes skin care products at home :)

  4. I don't really have any amazing other uses for things that most people didn't know about... I use white vinegar to clean with lots of the time. But other than that, I pretty much use things for their intended purpose...
    I'm boring I guess!

  5. I love these tips. I'll definitely use the salt and sugar for cleaning and body scrubs.


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