Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Myspace Christmas Graphics

Warning: I seem to a be a gloomy gus about the holidays this year. Sorry! Feel free to ignore me!

Unless the weather breaks we'll be spending Christmas at home. We usually go to our friend's house for Christmas but if the weather stays bad we'll be at home, eating pizza:) It's a sad Christmas because we didn't buy any gifts. We were supposed to go last weekend but nope the weather was terrible. We'll be hitting the after Christmas sales to buy our gifts to each other. It's ok since we'll be together, celebrating our first married Christmas.
But I hope you all have wonderful holidays. I'm going to take a long weekend off from blogging perhaps I'll have some fun things to talk about next week.


  1. This has been just such a weird year for Christmas. I have not been in the mood for it at all.

    But I hope you have a good holiday anyway.

  2. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling it. I really wasn't until late into the season this year. I hope you had a nice holiday!
    I did get a DS. Hubby has a PSP and is always taking it on road trips and things like that, so I wanted a toy to play with :)


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