Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

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I'm kind of glad to see 2008 end. It was one roller coaster ride. I'm hoping that 2009 is a little more calm and filled with happier things.
Tonight we are headed over to our friend's house for some celebrating and food. I talk alot about food on here but never about drinks. I do love a good drink and many of you will imbibe some tonight. But what will you consume? Here a few recipes to wet your whistle.
Even though Christmas is over the Merry Christmas sounds delicious. Or how about a Christmas Cosmopolitan? Frozen margaritas are always popular at our parties. This is a similar recipe to what our friend, Michelle, makes. Or her husband, Greg, has started making these Washington Apple Martinis recently. I'm not sure if he use Crown Royale though. I do like some of these concoctions but I'm pretty happy with a glass of Bushmills.
Whatever your plan is, please stay safe. Have a plan on how to get home safely. I definitely want to see all of you in 2009!


  1. Here's to you and yours... from me and mine... wishing you a great, safe... Happy NEW YEAR!


  2. We're doing our usual: staying home, watching a silly movie, and probably falling asleep before midnight. Very safe, and no cabs required, but yeah, pretty dull. I don't mind at all. :-)

  3. Happy New Year.

    I think our celebration will involve trying to clean this place up. It looks like Hurricane "Too much crap" hit.

  4. Happy New Year!! We're going to break out the champagne. Maybe I'll get creative and try to make some other cocktails! :)

  5. Hoyou have a great time tonight! Happy New Year!

  6. Oh and I hate playing against the Blue and White decks, it's all evil pulling all those spells making me wait 10 minutes for a turn to be over.

    Red and Green is fun when I'm in the mood to lose horribly but have huge creatures to do it with.


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