Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve Recap

So I made the baked brie that Cindy told me about. I thought it was pretty yummy but the raspberry jam didn't really melt. It was more like a blob. I think next time I would put some of the raspberry in with the brie so it will get all warm and melty.Jen made those chocolate covered mice that Kris made at holiday baking day. She got the wrong cherries though she she used shredded coconut.But there was so much food. This is just one course. We had a different course every hour. Pretty sweet.
I hope you had a great New Year's Eve. I did!


  1. OMG. i made a similar brie dish... i was trying to make it off recipe from what my friend made, but the i baked it with brown sugar and added pomegranate jam on it. it was delicious but didn't look as pretty as i hoped :) It's delicious regardless of how it looks though :)


  2. We cheated and got a brie and cranberry mix at the grocery store.

    I love the mice though, they're just so cute.

  3. That spread is making me hungry! The mice are so cute and I see my favorite diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper too :)
    I'm glad you had a fun NYE!!

  4. Awww, I love the chocolate mice!! :)

  5. Did you put the jam on right after it came out of the oven? I made it when my folks were here, and the jam sort of turned into a runny mess. I used blackberry jam, though, b/c my dad doesn't like raspberries. Maybe it depends on the brand of jam? Or a jam vs. preserves thing?

    Christmas Eve was actually the first time I made it myself. Dave said it was "the best thing he's tasted, EVER." (But he'd had a drink or two by that point, so his judgment probably shouldn't be trusted.)

    That is indeed a mighty impressive spread. Miss you guys! Wish I could've been there (just for the party, not for the snow).

  6. okay you probably never thought you would get so much info on how to make brie, lol.

    I myself freaking love brie love it with everything. Next time try this, wrap the brie in phyllo paper and between the phyllo paper and the brie put the jam any kind you like, although i prefer preserves. then bake till melted and phyllo paper is brown. its super freaking good.


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