Saturday, January 24, 2009


eatingAshley, Marta, and I stopped at Molly Moon's last week. I'd never been. Yummy! I choose the Salted Carmel. It was delicious. The only thing I would have added would have been a ribbon of fudge! Otherwise so good. I cannot wait to go back and try some more flavors.

I confess. I own a Snuggie. I bought one for Dad for his birthday. He loves it. I bought it for him since he get chilly frequently. Now he can stay warm all day. So I bought one. Tai makes fun of me for wearing it, but he tried it and he likes it too. I know it's a large piece of fleece (not even really good fleece) with arms, but I like it. Keeps me warm and comfy!

readingAnd since I'm confessing things I confess I picked up this romance novel. After reading about it on the Misadventures of A Super Librarian, I put it on my must read list. Now romance novels aren't my usual choice but I made an expection because the main character is Will Scarlet. I love Robin Hood lore so I thought I'd give it a chance. Yeah, I love it. It's hot. I might pick up a romance novel here and there from now on.


  1. I totally want a Snuggie now! LOL I could use it while working on the laptop without feeling like I'm freezing all the time!

  2. What is with this outbreak of Snuggies with my blogger friends???? You, Emily in Memphis, Kristina in Utah??? Kristina actually did a recent post on the Snuggie at It's pretty hilarious.

  3. OMG, you're my hero for admitting you own a Snuggie! :-)

  4. OMG... We asked for snuggies for Christmas but when my mom went to buy them at the store, it was sold out so she got us these other blanket robe like thingies. Not the snuggie but the idea of these warm cocoons are the best thing EVER!

  5. That ice cream looks amazing!!

    And I'm interested in the snuggie! I got a "slanket" for Christmas last year and I love it (I know I look silly, but I'm warm!) and all my friends try to steal it - I may get snuggies as back up! :)

    P.S. Just came across your blog - love it!

  6. That ice cream sounds so good even though it's freezing out. I totally want a Snuggie!

  7. I think I need a Snuggle (one for me and one for my husband)! I have been waiting to hear from everyone as to whether they are "all that" and it seems like they are! I wonder if my dogs can burrow in with me.....

  8. That's it! I'm going to be a rebel and get a Slanket. Just to be different.

  9. LOL!!
    So YOU'RE the one who ordered a Snuggie!!! ;-)
    You know, in the commercial, I always laugh at the family who is wearing them to some sort of game (they're sitting in the bleachers) because 1) they look like a pack of wizards and 2) wouldn't their butts get cold???

    I'm glad you like it. Just don't wear it to any sporting events. Or I may have to laugh at you...


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