Thursday, January 29, 2009

Steak & Potatoes-Ree Style

I made Steak Bites and Crash Hot Potatoes the other night. OMG, those Steak Bites were divine! I highly recommend making them!


  1. That looks good! I'm starving right now.

  2. That's a lot of butter. Mmm butter.

  3. I clicked over to look at the recipe, and it looks really good, but Dave won't eat steak with even a trace of pink on the inside. It has to be WELL DONE all the way through for him to even taste it. So I'm not sure how I could do that recipe to brown the meat all the way through, without (a) burning it, or (b) making it tough as hell to chew. Hmm.

  4. These recipes should not be viewed when you are utterly starving already! It's way past my lunch time and I should've eaten before viewing because now I'm REALLY hungry and sad that I'm too hungry to wait to make this! Not that I have the stuff right now anyways!

    YUMMMM!! I will definitely try the potatoes, maybe the steak when we're not on a "diet" (I say "diet" because those potatoes aren't really diety, but I'm gonna have to try them anyways! :o)


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