Monday, January 26, 2009

Evolution of A Favorite

Doing the grey post made me think about my favorite color. I don't really have one anymore. Sometimes it's purple, grey, blue or green. Depends on my mood and season. But when I was younger, well that was a different story.
First I loved pink and grey. My favorite skirt was pink and grey. My room was pink, grey and gold. I dreamed of my future home being pink. Pink and grey were my favorites back when I was little. When I went to college, green and navy were my favorites. They were pretty in back then. I had green sheets and a navy blue comforter. I bought navy blue shoes and wore green skirts! Slowly things changed and by the time I left college I had no favorite color or color combo.
That became especially hard when it came time to pick a color scheme for the wedding. I had no favorites to use. I told Marta and Ashley they could either choose brown dresses or blue dresses. I would choose a color scheme on their choice. They went with brown and we ended up with brown, green, and ivory.During that time I bought a lot of brown and green clothing. I have like 5 brown tshirts!
If we would have gone with blue I would have wound up with a color scheme like this:
A mix of all blues. I would have to say that most of the furniture and accessories I buy for the house tend to be blue. I like blue. It's calming and comes in so many different shades. But I wouldn't call it my favorite. Not to today anyway.
All collages done with Idee.


  1. It's funny I don't really have a favorite for anything but color.

    Somehow blue just always draws my attention and if given an option of things I always pick the blue one.

  2. I LOVE these!
    They're really really cool!

  3. Our wedding colors are brown, green and ivory, too! I would love to see some of your photos - are they posted anywhere??


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