Thursday, January 8, 2009

Old Standbys

Not every meal I make is new or exciting. So I don't blog about those usually. But those meals are generally what we eat. Week after week there are certain meals I make over and over again. Family favorites, last minute choices, quick and easy meals, any way you slice it they are comfortable. I always have the ingredients for these dishes on hand regardless of what's going on.I usually make spaghetti two or three times a month. It's easy and always satisfying. I can make it so quickly and it always turns out right. I have my own special recipe-Italian sausage, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, Italian seasoning, garlic-over pasta. Works everytime!

As I've mentioned before I can only make chicken a few times a month. But now this apricot chicken is my go to chicken. This recent meal (fresh from the oven, that's steam) is a new favorite. Just add rice, potato, or stuffing and veggie and you have a full meal!I had never had curry before I met Tai. Japanese curry isn't like Indian curry. It's more like a stew. Curry is very customizable. I make it with chicken, carrots, mushrooms and sometimes green peppers. But I've made it with pork and beef too. You could use tofu and make it completely vegan. Anyway curry is now my favorite dish. I make this weekly. Even in the summer. It's so good.
So what about you? Any regulars on your menus?


  1. That made me HUNGRY! I'd love to know the chicken and curry recipes!

  2. We have so many go tos that depend on the season. During winter I make a Shepherds pot pie my husband loves, there's crock pot roasts and other really warm your bones type foods (I love chili).

    We do pasta a lot too, I love to just use a can of tomatoes as the sauce instead of buying one. It tastes so much fresher somehow.

    And if my husband had it his way we'd eat curry 24/7. That man is curry mad.

  3. Probably cause we live 45 minutes from Mexico, all of our stand-bys are "mexican-style". Tacos, fajitas, carne asada. We also can grill all year round, so we'll often throw burgers or chicken on at the last minute.

  4. I went out and borrowed a template. It did totally reset everything and was a pill to finally get to work but it's a whole lot better than anything I could ever make on my own.

  5. I just googled up Blog template and went through a few different sites to find a nice one. It was hard going and not fun but I did see a lot of options that way.

  6. Actually I think I got mine from this site:

    I kinda like the kitchen one for food.

  7. Those all look delicious!! Some of our regulars are meatloaf, sausage and peppers, chicken enchiladas, quiche lorraine, baked ziti, and chicken, chicken and more chicken, we eat a lot of chicken!


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