Monday, January 19, 2009

Bus Poetry

A few years ago Metro started adding poetry to our buses. It's on the inside so I like to read them in the mornings. They rotate the poems so I see new ones frequently. I wanted to show you what I read each morning. I considered taking pictures but I would probably freak out my fellow commuters. So I went to their website and copied my favorites:
This one was composed by a Montessori class.
I just love the last line.
This is my current favorite. Who doesn't do this?
If you'd like to read more poems on buses go here.
So what about you? If you take public transportation do they have things to help amuse you?


  1. All we ever got on the buses were changing ads hilarious sometimes in how weird they were.

    Of course they seemed to just put up with all of us college kids.

  2. In Pittsburgh, we had the words "Welcome" on the outside of the buses in different languages. On the inside we had people in ads for foreclosed homes, graffiti-ed up with mustaches and blacked-out teeth.

    Now in Texas, we don't have buses. I rather liked the old days.

  3. Nice touch! I wish I could take public transportation to work. It would make life much easier. To get to my job I think I would have to take 2 buses and 2 trains.

  4. What a cool idea! I love the last one.

  5. I love the last one; that's great!

  6. Poetry is a nice way to keep travelers entertained while they feel sick about being locked in buses and trains
    haiku essays

  7. There is nothing on our buses to entertain the passengers except...the other passengers. Which is okay, because it's turned into good blog fodder for me. I love this post and am eternally jealous that my buses refuse to display advertising or poetry.


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