Monday, January 12, 2009

Bride Wars

Kris, Ashley, Marta and I went to see Bride Wars over the weekend. It was ok, it had some good parts to it. But it seemed to lack clear definition. At one point they mention that Liv's folks passed early in her life. But no one really talks about it. All the mean stuff that the girls do gets a little much.
A lot of the things that Candice Bergen's character said pissed me off. At one point she says that you are dead before you get married. Also they girls plan their weddings at the Plaza in 3 months. Plus they sent out Save the Dates! If you hadn't planned a wedding then you wouldn't know that doesn't seem possible.
There was plenty of bridal porn so it's a good afternoon movie to see with your friends.

Edited to note: The relationship between the 2 girls was skewed to be begin with. Emma (Hathaway) decides to stick up for herself and things get a little out of control. Remember when you were younger and your BFF made you mad? You did some not so nice things to make yourself feel better? Also both of them befriend some not so nice folks who make things worse. There is a big happy ending of course. The whole movie is more about the 2 girls friendship rather than their wedding, IMO. Anyway, it made me feel better about my current friendships.


  1. I am guessing that was probably a movie written by men who really have no idea what goes into planning a wedding, or at least directed and edited by one.

  2. I actually really enjoyed the movie... I think that Candice Bergen's character was slightly exaggerated, but i wouldn't be surprised if there are planners out there who may actually say some off the wall thing, that a bride would actually believe... And i agree, 3 months at the plaza... and how did they really afford it...and 3 months, do you need STDS at that point? but then again, it is a movie, so i just rolled with it!

    I also agree that they never really say why/how she lost her parents, which i was interested in too, kinda wanting them to explore that some more!!

  3. All I know of this movie is the trailer, but it looked awful. The idea that two friends would totally turn on each other because of conflicting wedding plans really bothers me. It's like they're implying that all female friendships are based on some level of bitchiness, cattiness, competitiveness, whatever. It irritates the crap out of me. I roll my eyes every time the ad comes on. So yeah, no way on earth am I going to see that one.

  4. I am going with girlfriends from work tomorrow night. I definitely don't have high expectations, but it looks like a fun movie to see with with the girls.

  5. I came to say pretty much what poobou said. The trailer makes me sad. :-/

  6. I went to see the movie too, I thought it was okay, I've seen better, but I've seen worst too. My fiance was not as bored like I thought he would be so it was worth it. Nice layout by the way! you got to teach me how to do this cool stuffs my blog is just sooooo boring!


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