Friday, January 30, 2009

Look! I Made Cookies!

Seriously, from scratch! Whenever I made cookies in the past I used the break and bake kind from the store. But today I got a wild hair and decided to make cookies.
I used this recipe since I bought 15lbs of Crisco at an after-Christmas sale. Why did I buy 15 lbs of Crisco? It was super cheap and occasionally recipes call for it. And since it has a relatively long shelf life I figured it was a safe bet.Yummy! Why have I waited so long to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch? I don't know but I bet it won't be long before I try again. The recipe is easy. I skipped the pecans but didn't add more chocolate chips. I used extra dark chocolate in these so I didn't want to overwhelm. Perfection.


  1. Ooh extra dark chocolate chips are so tasty.

    I don't know why but in you talking about 15 pounds of Crisco I just picture one of those old time barrels that used to hold pemican or the like full of shortening.

    It was a pretty entertaining thought.

  2. Haha. No I bought 5 3lb packages. And then each pound is like a butter stick. Gawd if I bought one of those tubs, I wouldn't know where to store it!

  3. Congratulations on the cookies. There's nothing like a homemade cookie.

  4. That looks delicious! They look like they turned out great.

  5. I made a carrot cake for son's birthday yesterday. First cake I ever made and it turned out crappy. Those cookies however look like they were freaking good.


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