Monday, February 2, 2009

Rolling Duffle

Meeting Tai brought a lot of wonderful things into my life. One was his rolling duffle bag. I had the standard suitcases before I met him. But all he had was duffle bags and one that rolled. We've taken them on our two previous trips and used them for our wedding night at the campground. Our next trip is next month (Vegas baby!) and I think we need another rolling duffle bag.
rolling duffle
rolling duffle - by honeylin on
I'm determined to carry on our luggage. Do you think I can do this? Anyone have any good tips on not getting taffata wrinkled? I'll be on the look out for a new duffle. I'm sure it will be featured on our trip recaps :)


  1. This is a hard one. I wonder if you google it you can find tips? Let us know if you do :)

  2. If you wrinkle the tafeta, meh. That what's concierge services are for. I confess to being a demanding snob when I stay in hotels.

  3. I cannot be trusted with anything that rolls. It's the kid in me that just wants to find a steep hill and push it down to see how fast it will go probably taking out quite a few ankles in the process.

  4. I always fold delicate wrinkable fabrics into that plastic that comes back with your dry cleaning. No wrinkles, ever. Promise.

  5. Yes, gently folding or rolling the taffeta in plastic is your best bet. Either the plastic from the cleaners, a zip loc bag, or one of those space bags. Just don't suck the air out tooo tooo tight.
    Realistically, though, you'll probably have to do a light iron job on it when you get there, though.

    One thing to remember - don't forget that you can't carry on big bottles of stuff like shampoo or facewash, etc. That's the only thing that makes it really inconvienent now.
    But I totally think you could pack it all in a carry on!!! Go for it!


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