Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Girls Can Wear Sexy Things Too

*Warning. This post contains lingerie. Might not be safe for work*
I think most of you know I have a thing for lingerie. I have 2 entire drawers devoted to bras and panties. I love buying pretty undies. I don't really buy pretty nightgowns or lingerie. Tai's certainly doesn't buy them for me. I don't think he pays much attention to what I wear. But Valentine's Day is on it's way and marketing tells me to buy pretty underthings. I can't resist marketing!
Lingerie - by honeylin on
I focused on plus sizes cause I am a plus size. Just cause you're a plus size doesn't mean you can't buy something lacy and skimpy!
Planning on buying anything skimpy for Valentines?


  1. Have you seen Manolo for the Big Girl (I think that's what it's called)? They will sometimes highlight some great lingerie finds for plus size

    Also you got hosed having to pour plates and just getting extra credit. It's amazing what you can get for free if you just promise a few extra points for it.

  2. Not planning on buying something for Valentine's, but I did get a few really cute things at a shower right before we got married! There are a couple I do wear all the time, but a couple that I was saving until it got warmer because, um, they're skimpy!!!

    And I totally agree with you. I think plus sized lingerie can be sexy. It's all about fitting right and being comfortable. And that's true with any size, really.

  3. I am such a prude when it comes to lingerie. When I was buying some nighties for the honeymoon the sales person asked what the occasion was, I told her I was getting married, and they were for the honeymoon and she tried to make me buy lacey stuff. And these little cotton numbers were risk-a for me! So my something skimpy for V-Day will be a 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt to match my new pj bottoms! Woot!

  4. Baby Dolls are always sexy on plus size women. They enhance those great boobs and cover the midsection well. I think lingerie is sexy but its how you feel inside. Put on a wig and some heels to change it up a bit.

  5. Great lingerie finds! I sometimes buy cute pj's but I don't buy too much lingerie. I should to spice it up!


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