Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Favorite!

Last week I was reading some blogs and came across this Pasta Fagioli recipe. I saved it since it looked so yummy. We decided it to try over the weekend. So yummy.I followed the recipe pretty closely but I didn't have Great Northern beans so I used 3 cans of kidney (2 white and one red). And I didn't have diced tomatoes so I used crushed tomatoes. I didn't even mind the celery. It made a boatload of food though. Tai and I ate 2 plates full. He has a dish of it for tomorrow or later today and I froze half a gallon size bag of it for later. I will be making this again!


  1. Hmmm, that sounds like something I might actually be able to get all of us to eat. I think you just gave me an idea for dinner tonight.

  2. Damn, that looks really really good!! I'm guessing it's not "low-cal"...
    Maybe I'll try it and have a smaller portion with a salad?

  3. Okay, I just read it, and it isn't as bad as I thought!!
    Lean ground beef, and served with a salad, it isn't too bad!


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