Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weekly Geek #1

I found this weekly challenge through someone else's blog (ack I forgot who), but it sounded fun. I especially like the name. So here goes my first attempt.
This week's Weekly Geek is inspired by Dewey's Knit-a-Long, a mini challenge of Dewey's Reading Challenge. Dewey had other passions besides reading and blogging. Knitting was one of them. This made me think, what are the Weekly Geek's other passions?

#1. What are you passionate about besides reading and blogging? For example, are you crafty (knitting, woodworking, scrapbooking, model building)? Do you cook? Into gaming (computer or board)? Sports (player or spectator)? Photography? Maybe you like geocaching, rock climbing? Or love attending events like renaissance fairs, concerts? Music? Dancing? You get the idea.

I love cooking. I get passionate about local food and making fantastic meals. Sometimes they only look good in my head.

I love music and I love to dance. I used to take dance classes when I was younger. I'm not a musical individual. I can't play an instrument but I do love it when other people can. I'm starting to support local musicians more with the help of my friends. And looking forward to going to more local music events.

#2. Get us involved. Link to tutorials, recipes, Youtube videos, websites, fan sites, etc, anything that will help us learn more about your interest or how to do your hobby. Maybe you'd like to link to another hobbyist whose work you admire or tell us about a book or magazine related to your interest.

My passion for local food was started by the 100 mile diet. Then I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and re-realized my passion.

As for music and dancing. My friends go to a local bar to hear local musicians jam weekly. It's amazing how a few folks that maybe don't know each other can play some amazing music. I'd definitely like to go more often. And yes you can dance there too.

Going out and dancing used to be something I did all the time pre-Tai. Now, I just don't. I think the old bars aren't my scene anymore. I'm looking for some new places I can boogie at.

#3. Visit other Weekly Geeks. Link in your post to other Geeks who've peaked your interest in their passion. Or maybe you might find a fellow afincionado among us, link to them.

I'll be adding It's Dark In the Dark's blog to my Google reader. I think I'll get some book recs for Tai out of that. But I love the paper crafting. So detailed.

And Becky who loves Sintra and Dean Martin. Ah, It was great to listen to some of those great songs.

Monniblog makes these beautiful earrings.

Robin at a Fondness for Reading also likes music. One of her favorite albums is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon, an album Tai just got me to listen to.

I'm glad I found this group. I think I'll be sticking around.


  1. I fear I'd be a daily geek. At least that's the exaspiration I get the most from my friends whenever I talk about something.

  2. I think it is great that new people keep joining the Weekly Geeks. I am also quite new as I have only done the last two ones. But I can already see that it is a nice, social activity.

  3. Welcome to Weekly Geeks! It's sounds like you really support your community.


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