Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Truths

*If you want something specific, we do not have it in the house.
*What we do have is nothing you want.
*When finding the most perfect recipe, I will undoubtedly not have one key ingredient.
*When I buy that one key special ingredient I will never have another use for the vat of product I had to buy.
*Encore shows the same 6 movies on a loop all day.
*Movies with good trailers are rarely good movies.
*If I want to see a movie, it will be gone from the theater by the time I get there.
*The shirt I want to wear is always dirty.
*Tai runs out of socks despite me buying more. I think he hides them.
*If I go to the store to buy pants, I'll come home with shirts. The reverse works too.
*The yummy candy disappears before I have a chance to enjoy them.
*Fridays never come quickly enough. Sunday night is here before I know it.

Have a great weekend!


  1. "Friday never comes quickly enough. Sunday night is here before I know it."
    I feel that pain.

    Happy Friday and Almost Weekend!

  2. I am pretty sure my husband gets a kick out of hiding his socks. I'll find them stashed all over the apartment and always right after I've already started laundry.

  3. "Movies with good trailers are rarely good movies."

    That's like Confucius-level wisdom! SO true!

  4. LOVED IT.... Most of those truths has to do with me too....

    Well weekend is here! ENJOY!!!!

  5. You hit the nail on the head! The last comment about Fridays and Sundays is so true.


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