Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekly Geek #4

This week we are going to continue with the theme started last week and go even further exploring our favorite book characters.

Many of us have had an opportunity to interview an author, mostly through email, but perhaps even on the phone or in person. In fact, many of you have become experts at author interviews. So this week, let's pretend that we can get in contact with one of our favorite characters and interview them. What would you ask Mr. Darcy if you could send him an email. What would his answers be like? What would you say if you could just call up Liesel or Rudy from The Book Thief and ask them anything? How would they answer your questions? What if you could invite Jo March or Anne Shirley to lunch, what would the conversation be like?

So blog about that imagined conversation, or phone discussion, or email exchange. Of course, there may be lots of things we'll have to make up or imagine them saying. But many things we should be able to figure out their answers just from what we know of them in their respective books.

So I've been thinking about this since Saturday when it was posted. But I've had a cold for the past couple of days and can't seem to think straight so you'll have to forgive me for skipping this. But I wanted to post some of the other delightful conversations
people came up with.

Suey had a lovely conversation with Mary Bennet.
It's Dark in the Dark had a great conversation with Cthulhu. I learned so many interesting things about this mysterious creature.
Naida talked with Lestat and asked him his opinions about The Interview with Vampire movie.
Which literary character would you want to sit down with?

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  1. I think probing the mind of Edmond Dantes would be interesting. To come up with a revenge plan that metriculate he must have 50 gears running all at once.

    And of course there's nothing I'd like more than a poker game with Pratchetts Death and Granny Weatherwax.

    I'll have to keep thinking on others. Maybe ask Legolas and Gimli just what they were up to when they sailed to the Grey Havens together.


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