Monday, February 9, 2009

Kris' Shower

Over the weekend we celebrated Kris' upcoming wedding with a little shower. We started by going to the Stone House Cafe. The food was delicious and the staff was sweet. Kris had the pork tenderloin:Janet and I had the crab and aspargus pasta. Very yummy!The chicken dish was popular.
Here's all the girls.
Two of Kris' friends flew in especially for the event!
Then we headed to Jen's house to continue the party. Since Kris is planning a destination wedding, she was sad that she wasn't getting a cake tasting. She'll taste her cake for the first time on her wedding day. We asked everyone to bring a cake so she could have her own cake tasting!
Janet made cupcakes with M&Ms:Sharon's friend made this poker chip cake in honor of Vegas (where Kris and Tony are tying the knot):Jen bought this yummy chocolate cake from Whole Foods. Love the meringue heart!:I choose this flourless chocolate cake:
And this chocolate ganache cake from Trader Joes:And Leslie and Naina brought this cake that Kris tried at the wedding show and loved. It's a champange cake with champange filling. So yummy!
And here's the bachelorette with Michelle showing off her new clutch that Michelle bought her:I'm so excited that her wedding is almost here! We had a great time celebrating! I'm looking forward to celebrating with her in a few weeks!


  1. I wish I could have had a shower like that. Especially with all those awesome cakes. I have a soft spot for the MMs cupcakes.

  2. The cake tasting is such a lovely idea for a shower activity, I really want to incorporate it into any future bridal showers I plan, even if the couple is getting an actual cake tasting!

  3. When is your friend's wedding? Mine is comming up too, so excited!
    Those cakes looks great!

  4. Cute cakes! Thanks for commenting the other day. I hope you'll comment more often!

  5. Where's the champagne cake from? I tasted a pink champagne cake at last month's Seattle wedding show and loved it so much, I ordered my cake from that place that week!

  6. Look at all of those goodies! The cupcakes with the M&M's look so good.

  7. I got mine at Celebrity in Tacoma. I've heard Morary's is good though too!

  8. OMG - how cool is that poker chip cake????? And your friend MADE that??? Wow. Talent.

    Cool idea! Love cake!

  9. Yummy and delicious cakes. Nice to have one...


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