Friday, February 13, 2009

The Love List

In honor of Valentine's Day I thought I would share things I'm loving.

♥Snuggling with my husband
♥Flannel sheets
♥Coffee first thing in the morning
♥The deli I stop at every morning
♥Laughing with friends
♥ This hairstyle:
Found here. Think I can pull it off?
♥Chicken salad
Real Simple
♥My iPod
♥Making my coworkers laugh
♥Finding cute new clothes

What's your love list?


  1. Ooh do it! After all hair can always grow back.

  2. Cut it! It is a super cute cut! I am lovng facebook, the snow we can see on the mountains, rainy weekends, good books, my hubby!

  3. I love the hairstyle and I think it would look nice and be easy to maintain.

    Right now I am just loving Vegas. I've never been here before so this is a big deal to me :)

  4. That's an really cool hair cut. I really need to get one too! I might just steal that idea.

  5. Chicken salad and Real Simple are two of my very favorite things. :)


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