Monday, January 5, 2009

Need More Winter Clothes

The storm last month showed me that I have no good winter clothes. I managed for a day or two but I could not last an entire month with temperatures in the teens with what I've got. Now, it was colder here longer than it's been since I've been around. I imagine this might happen again so I'm the lookout for good winter clothes.

Winter Clothes by honeylin
If I buy two things, I need long underwear (I thought I could leave those in Ohio) and good snow/winter boots. I wore my Keens most of the time and they did not cut it. I was certainly slip sliding. I did go out and look for those ice grippy things but no one had them. Grr.
I'm certainly not ready for the snow to come back. I hope we don't see it for a while here or that I at least am more prepared for it.


  1. It's insane that all the stores already have all the spring stuff out now.

    Here January is just when winter really gets its claws out, but if you wanted to get a warmer coat or sweaters you're just SOL. It's so dumb.

  2. I just saw swim suits in Target the other day. It's ridiculous!

    I just left you an award :)

  3. Are the boots in your picture Lands End? Definitely avoid any that have that piece that only goes up to your ankle - if you are in deep snow/water, it will come in over the top! Try a pair of all leather Uggs (not the classic suede ones, they suck!) - I have a tall zip up, black leather pair and they rule!


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