Friday, December 12, 2008

Stress Reliever

It's the holiday season and this year they are more stressful than usual. I'm always trying to do more in less time during the holidays. Then there's the matter of the crappy economy. And last week Tai got laid off. We really needed that. Such a lovely holiday gift!
So I've been doing my stress relieving activity more than normal. And yes I can share this one with you! I turn on my favorite songs and dance around the living room.I dance like no one is watching because no one is watching. Tai's usually at the gym when I do this. I crank my favorites and dance my pants off.
My current favorites are:

I can recommend both of these for stress relieving dancing. It's fun to be silly. It certainly helps me!


  1. I love to turn on music and just sing my lungs off when I'm in a mood (be it happy, sad, angry, or just weird).

    Good luck dealing with all this stress.

  2. That sucks about Tai's job! I'm sorry to hear that.
    Yes, the economy totally sucks this year. As somebody who works on a salary+commission paycheck, it's been hard.

    I've always loved dancing around when I'm alone. That and singing. In my bad-out-of-tune voice. The dogs love it. ;-)

  3. I left you a snowflake on my blog.


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