Monday, December 29, 2008

How Sweet It Is!

We are a house of many sweetners. This one is too sweet, this one isn't sweet enough, this one is too chemically. Before I met Tai I used sugar, almost exclusively.
I know like the baker's sugar cause it blends and melts better but not the best to use in a scrub. Tai doesn't like sugar cause of all the calories. We drink several cups of iced tea and coffee a day here so that does add up.
So he brought:
My mom had used this stuff when I was kid. I don't like the way it tastes. Too chemically for me. So I bought:
I like that it doesn't have a chemical taste (to me) and it sweetens things perfectly for me.
But we are just ingesting more chemicals when there are purer alternatives out there. So we also have:
Excuse the almost empty bear. Time for a new one. I do like honey but it's messy and difficult to add the right quantity. It tends to work better in hot beverages than cold and adds a yummy taste to hot tea, not coffee. So we bought:
Again excuse the almost empty bottle here. Some friends of mine had recommended this for us and my dad (since he's a diabetic). I really like it but the cons are similar to honey. I do like it for cooking. It does blend a little better in cold liquids so I use it in my iced tea sometimes.
But then I found this on a recent grocery trip:But I was disappointed. Not sweet enough. I had to add 4 packets to my iced tea to make it sweet enough for me. I didn't like that. Tai didn't like it at all. So I'll have to think of creative ways to use up what I have. Perhaps this simple syrup might work best.
So what about you? Do you have a favorite sweetner? Is sugar your standby or honey? Can you recommend something for our sweet teeth?


  1. We take a teaspoon of local honey everyday to ward off allergies...after 4 years of this- my seasonal allergies are a lot better! I prefer Sugar in the Raw for real sugar and Splenda forfake. I haven't tried the Splenda for baking yet.

  2. I'm not crazy about the fake stuff. Statistically women can pick up on the nasty aftertaste of aspartame better than men (among the many other better things we can do).

    While I don't notice it as much as with splenda I figure if I'm gonna bake or make something that requires sugar why not just go real.

  3. I just adore good old fashioned honey. Something so charming about the plastic bear! Happy New Year to you!



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