Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snowy Days

It's been snowing here for days. It doesn't normally snow that much here which is why I like it. Work's been canceled for the past few days so free holiday but I can't leave the house! I'm not one of those drive in the snow people and I don't have chains on my car. I saw today that our neighborhood is pretty snowy and icy but the streets below are pretty clear so if I had to drive I would just have to navigate our neighborhood.
But I did venture out yesterday and took some lovely pictures of the beautiful snow.This is the corner by our apartment. So is this. I just love how winter wonderland it looks there.
The guys from the Indian buffet near our house were hard at work on this snowman. They graciously let me snap a picture!
On my walk I wound up under these trees and caught this picture. Tai didn't think it looked real.
So we'll be stuck at home for the next few days. The weather doesn't seem to be warming up so we'll be here, where it's warm and safe!


  1. That snowman is really cool.

    I am so sick of the snow by this point. It's become so passe they don't even bother to say on the weather when it is going to snow a bit.

    We only get warned if there's a huge and horrible blizzard coming.

  2. Hubby drove me into the office today, and now I'm not so sure which I prefer: stir-crazy at home or here!

    Enjoy the break and the holiday!

  3. Great snow pics! I'm just sorry you got so much of it. Send some my way so I don't have to go into the office next week.


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